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Stage 2 Hybrid Decision; Will Reevaluate on October 23

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Dear Saint Paul Public Schools Community,

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue planning to transition students to hybrid learning. We appreciate your support.

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) has thoughtfully and carefully been planning for the transition to hybrid learning for the past several months. 

Meeting the many needs of our students and staff, while ensuring equity and community well-being during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, is no easy task. We understand you have many questions that have not been answered yet. SPPS is committed to providing you with as much information as possible in a timely manner.

Please check your email, and communications from your child’s school on a regular basis for the latest information.

Stage 2 Decision
After careful consideration using local data about COVID-19, and these 23 readiness targets, SPPS has decided we cannot transition students in Stage 2 to hybrid learning at this time.

Stage 2 includes:

  • All PreK-2 including special education
  • Montessori E1
  • Early Childhood Special Education Program
  • Birth-PreK Special Education Program
  • Federal III K-12 Autism
  • DCD Specialized Classrooms

Transitioning Stage 2 students to hybrid learning will continue to be guided by our readiness targets. SPPS will reevaluate these targets weekly in order to ensure students and staff can return to hybrid learning as quickly and safely as possible.

On Friday, October 23, we will look at our readiness targets again to determine if we are ready to transition Stage 2 schools to hybrid learning. We will still use Monday, November 16, as our start date.

This decision for Stage 2 families may impact the planned return to hybrid learning for Stage 1 families on Monday, October 19. SPPS will communicate any additional changes to Stage 1 families by Friday, October 16.

Families in any stage that are not comfortable with their student(s) returning to school have the option to register for the SPPS Virtual Learning School to continue with distance learning for the entire school year.

Planning for Stages 3-4 Transition to Hybrid Learning
Our ultimate goal is to welcome students and school staff back to our buildings when it is safe and possible to do so. SPPS will communicate dates in the near future that will be used to determine when any of the other stages can transition to hybrid learning.

Reopen dial

Stage 3 Families received a survey about their readiness to transition to hybrid learning. Stage 4 families will receive a survey in the coming weeks.

More information about plans for transitioning to hybrid learning is available on Additional information will also be shared via email.

Thank you for supporting your child, and Saint Paul Public Schools.