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Minnesota Launches COVID-19 Vaccine Connector

Please read the following message from the Minnesota Department of Education:  

Today, the State of Minnesota announced the launch of the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector, which is a tool that helps Minnesotans find out when, where and how to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

This system is a proactive way for all Minnesotans to indicate their interest in receiving a vaccine, so that when they become eligible, they can be alerted and connected to resources to schedule a vaccine appointment.

School staff are still a priority for COVID-19 vaccines in Minnesota and the launch of the Vaccine Connector does not mean vaccines are being made available to the general public.

Below is some information about the Vaccine Connector that you may find helpful. As you will see below, if you have already completed the COVID-19 Vaccine survey we shared with you previously, you do not need to complete the COVID-19 Vaccine Connector form.

Should I complete the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector form?

All Minnesotans who work in schools should fill out the form to ensure they stay updated on vaccination opportunities in their area when they become available. School staff who have already completed the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine – Education and Child Care survey do not need to complete the Vaccine Connector form or re-submit their information.

When completing the Vaccine Connector form, please note a few important things:

  • Staff who contract with schools, such as bus drivers, should indicate that they are school staff
  • Staff who work in school-based child care or early learning settings should indicate that they are school staff
  • Staff who work in Adult Basic Education and Community Education programs should indicate that they are school staff
  • Substitute teachers and student teachers who are regularly working in-person with students should indicate that they are school staff

Where can I learn more?

More information about the Vaccine Connector, specifically for school staff, is available here: Connect to Your Vaccine: Overview for School Staff.

How do I sign up?

  • Signing up for the Vaccine Connector is easy, safe and secure.
  • All Minnesotans 18 years of age and older should sign up, no matter their current vaccine eligibility status.
  • There will be no cost and no restricted time period for signing up.
  • Health insurance and personal identification forms are not required for signing up.
  • Go to to sign up.
  • Minnesotans unable to sign up online can have family or friends help them sign up online, or call 833-431-2053 for assistance signing up over the phone.
  • Translation is available by phone in all languages. Minnesotans can call the translation hotlines at 833-431-2053 and 651-318-0989 for assistance signing up over the phone.
  • All Minnesotans have to do to sign up is provide basic information such as contact information, demographic data, medical history, and employment to determine their eligibility based on state guidelines.
  • The State of Minnesota is committed to the equitable distribution of safe and effective vaccines for protection against COVID-19 and the Vaccine Connector form has included questions about gender identity, sexual orientation, race, cultural identification, and disabilities to help us track and measure equity and fairness throughout the vaccine distribution process. These questions do have the option to select “prefer not to answer” or “none of the above,” and selecting these answers will not prevent you from signing up for the Vaccine Connector.

The Vaccine Connector is open to all Minnesotans. Please feel free to share this information with your family, friends and others who may be interested.