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How Do You Prepare for the Unknown - BRACE Yourself

In March we began a journey into the unknown. We entered the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of the murder of George Floyd. Navigating this may have caused you to reflect on the breaking news, images, and videos that surfaced May 2020. Since May, there have been so many other unknowns that have transpired. We have witnessed protests, riots, the resurgence of horrific attacks on the AAPI community, mass shootings, and now the death of another young Black man, Daunte Wright. There has been hurt upon hurt, injury upon injury and continuous unknowns as we are currently amidst the Chauvin trial! As difficult as all this may be to process, I encourage you to BRACE yourself.  

What is a brace? When and why do we elect to outfit ourselves with something that usually lacks visual appeal? It is when we have incurred injury. It is when there is a part of our body that is weak due to being torn or broken. Folks, that is when we BRACE ourselves and I am inviting you to do the same thing now. Many of us are weak, extremely weak, weary, torn in places unknown to many. You may feel broken. Personally, as I look into the eyes of other Black mothers like myself, I can only stare with great emotion for the synonymous burden they are possibly carrying. I have to BRACE myself. How do you BRACE yourself? As you reflect, I invite you to contemplate the following. 

  • Start with Self
    • As previously stated, recognize your needs and consider how to take care of yourself. 
      • Do you need to take extra moments of pause?
      • Would taking a walk or break outside rejuvenate your spirit?
      • Will you incorporate breathing breaks, music moments, or rapid resets to pacify whatever pain, hurt, anticipation, grief, surprise, anger, frustration, confusion, or immense disdain you may be experiencing?
      • What words of wisdom might you revisit through articles, narratives shared, books, and various forms of medium?

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  • With Your Person/People
    • Healing typically occurs in the company of others. Consider making time with your person or your people to be in community. 
    • (EM)BRACE those that you are able to safely. Dr. Eric of Cooper of the National Urban Alliance, historically, never hesitated to have keynote participants get up and hug someone ten times or ten different people to help with releasing oxytocin. In times like these continuous (EM)BRACE may help to strengthen areas that have been weakened.

Thank you for staying engaged in this process as you may be experiencing discomfort. It is my hope that after this week of bracing yourself, you will become more content with the ways you may need to expect and accept non-closure as we continue to prepare for the unknown.  

Please contact the Office of Equity (Equity Request and Concern Form) or the Office of School Support ( if you have specific needs, questions, or have a resource to share. 

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