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Saint Paul Retired Teachers Inc. Scholarship Recipients Announced

Saint Paul Retired Teachers Inc. acknowledges and supports tenured SPPS teachers’ quest for continual professional growth to advance student learning in Saint Paul Public Schools. For more than 30 years, retired SPPS teachers have provided experienced SPPS tenured teachers seeking to extend their knowledge with scholarships and support. 

This year, seven teachers were selected to receive $3,000 grants to continue their education. The 2021 scholarship recipients are:

  • Natalie Arbelaez, Harding Senior High School
  • Michelle Edlund, Four Seasons Elementary
  • Nou Her, Early Learning
  • Emily Kraus, Chelsea Heights Elementary
  • Matthew Olson, LEAP High School
  • Anastacia Martinez, Humboldt High Scholl
  • Jodi Schoot, Adams Spanish Immersion

 Congratulations, award recipients!