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American Indian Magnet School Artists' Work on Display

Seven Indigenous students from AIMS middle school participated in the "This is Me: Indigenous in 2020" art exhibition exploring self portraiture in representational, symbolic and abstract work. The exhibition has been located in the Minneapolis U.S. District Court House since November 2020. It will be moved to the St. Paul District Court for the closing reception on May 27.
student art on display at courthouse
The below image is made up of the four 10x10 foot mosaics designed by AIMS TA EBD and after-school art teacher MaryBeth Garrigan. The four pieces represent the four horses (quadriga) on top of the Minnesota State Capitol. They were originally paintings that were re-created as public art in Terminal 1 at MSP Airport. You dont need a ticket to see them in person in the arrival area.
artist standing with four colorful tile mosaics