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Covid Update- Principal Message

Dear Cherokee Families,

I know that there are growing concerns and questions as more information is shared about the transition to hybrid.  At this time the decision is to remain in Distance Learning, but the district will be making weekly decisions about Phase 2 (Children’s House, E1 and our ASD program) coming back in hybrid.  

Our Cherokee Heights team is working on creating systems, plans, and communications to share with you about how hybrid will work at Cherokee.  We will share these things with you through many different forms of communication: 

  • Weekly newsletter

  • Website and Facebook

  • Seesaw and Schoology

  • Classroom and all-school email and/or texts 

We will share information and answers to questions in as many forms as we can. 

If you have questions please submit them here.  We want to gather all of the questions and concerns you have in order to address these in our communication and in our planning. You will receive the answers to your questions through the many different forms of communication listed above, but will not receive a direct response to your specific questions through this form. If you need to connect with me individually you can email me at or visit me during my virtual office hours.

We will be hosting our Title 1 family night virtually on Thursday, October 29th at 5:30pm with information about Title 1, but also to provide an open forum for Questions and Answers about Hybrid.  This will be the first of multiple opportunities to ask you questions in real time, hear the questions others have, and to get some answers as they are available.  

Please see the weekly newsletter on Thursday with more specifics about the Title 1 night and information about the transition to hybrid.  

In Partnership,

Heidi Koury

Principal, Cherokee Heights