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Student/Parent Pick Up Policy

Dear Guardians and Families,


Starting Wednesday, January 3rd (the day we return from Winter Break), folks must have a parent pick-up number to pick up their student(s) at the Page Street/parking lot door. Folks who arrive without a number, either because it was forgotten, lost, or not yet been issued, will be redirected back to the front office to formally sign the student(s) out (many times, this process will include showing a valid ID).


Starting on January 3rd, we will no longer accept signatures at the Page Street/parking lot door as a way to sign students out. The reason for this change is two-fold, 1. To increase safety by ensuring that only persons with the appropriate number are allowed to pick-up student(s), 2. To increase the speed and efficiency of the parent pick-up process.


Other situations that this new expectation may impact, include, but are not limited to:

· Picking up a student one time with no expectation that it will become a more regular occurrence. All one-time pick-ups will be required to be picked up in the office.

o If you would like to start picking up your student regularly, please notify the front office via phone, and we will arrange for your family to be issued a pick-up number. Typically, a number is issued within a few days.

· Picking up a student as a favor to a friend or family member without that student(s)’ number in your possession. Starting January 3rd, phone calls to the office will no longer be sufficient to pick up a student without having their number in your immediate possession.

o It will continue to be acceptable for guardians to call and notify the office that someone atypical will be picking up your student(s). However, please note that in this case, the student(s) will need to be picked up from the office.


Situations that will not be impacted by this new expectation:

· Picking up your student with their assigned number in your immediate possession – this process remains unchanged.

· Picking up another student as a favor to a friend or family member with their assigned number in your immediate possession – this process remains unchanged.

o For example, you pick up your neighbor’s child daily and always display two numbers at pick-up, your own and the neighbor child’s.

· Picking up students on days when Boys and Girls Club is closed – these parents are welcome to come to the Page Street/parking lot door to sign-out their student(s) on these days only.


If you are in need of more numbers, please tell a member of the parent pick-up team. We are more than happy to provide each family with as many numbers as is necessary to make this modified process effective and efficient for all.

** Please remember to have your number displayed immediately when you arrive and place it in a clear location. Two of our team’s preferred locations within cars is in the visor (visible when visor is flipped down) or in the passenger-side window.



Thank you,

Parent Pick-Up Team