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June 2022 Information From Payroll and Benefits

Our PeopleSoft system is getting a facelift and will be ready to show off its new look starting June 21! With better accessibility from a tablet or mobile device, the upgraded system will also have additional functionality. More information will be sent out soon about what’s changing. That will include some instructional tutorials and details on training and “go-live” support. But in the meantime, there are some critical dates and information you’ll want to be aware of leading up to the big reveal:

E-forms will need to be temporarily shut down and there will be a small window of time when the entire system is unavailable to staff. 

  • June 3: Last day to submit new FTE e-forms, lane change e-forms, and certification e-forms until after June 21
  • June 10: Last day to submit new supplemental pay e-forms and resignation e-forms until after June 21
  • June 14: Last day to submit an e-timesheet for the week of June 13-17
  • June 15: Last day for managers to approve any pending e-form as well as e-timesheets
  • June 17: Starting at noon, PeopleSoft is completely down until 6 a.m. on June 21

Reporting your time worked for days in June that are PRIOR to the rollout of the new system:

If you normally complete timesheets, please make sure to submit your e-timesheet on your last day worked for the week. If your last duty day is Friday, June 10, submit your e-timesheet on June 10. If your last duty day is Monday, June 13, submit your e-timesheet on June 13.

If you work 12 months of the year, or if your duty days extend past June 13, please submit your time for the entire week of June 13 -17 by no later than Tuesday, June 14. The e-timesheet has been set to allow you to report time early during this week.  

If your last duty day is June 20 (which is a district holiday), you do not need to report anything for that day. Payroll will ensure you are automatically paid for the holiday. If your last duty day is later than June 20, or if you are a 12-month employee, you will start reporting your time for the week of June 20-24 in the new system.

Reporting your time worked for days that are AFTER the rollout of the new system:

If you need to report any supplemental pay for hours worked during the period of time in which e-timesheets were unavailable, you will be able to retroactively submit supplemental pay once the e-form is available on June 21.

Summer School Employees will use the Summer/EDL e-form as usual. This is the same e-form used for EDL and previous summer school sessions.

If you are a custodian or trades employee, you will report your time for the pay period of June 18-July 1 using your old paper method. You will start using the new electronic timekeeping system in July and will receive training on it at the end of June.

ALL other employees will begin using the new electronic timekeeping system right away. The e-timesheet will no longer be available. The new electronic timekeeping system is not an e-form; it is functionality built right into Employee Self Service. Training and help sheets will be provided. Please note that 10-month employees whose duty year is done until August will receive training when they return in the fall.

Accessing the new PeopleSoft System:

Your login and password will remain the same as it is currently. If you have saved a link to the login page to the old PeopleSoft, it may not work for the new PeopleSoft. For that reason, we highly recommend you bookmark the landing page on the payroll website with an embedded link to Self Service. This landing page brings you to the old PeopleSoft now, and will automatically bring you to the new PeopleSoft on June 21 and after. SPPS Payroll Home / Employee Self-Service

Please watch for information coming soon on training courses and materials.

Thank you, and we wish you all a safe and healthy summer!