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Desktop Wellness Garden Project

Are the January blahs and COVID getting you down? Perk up your senses and your mood by injecting some living color into your classroom through the Desktop Garden Wellness kit!
Growing something green has a positive impact on our mental health. Besides the obvious benefits of cleaning the air and providing oxygen, indoor plants positively affect us in other ways: 
  • Being in nature, or even having something green to look at, can lower stress hormones and help our bodies re-regulate (i.e. breathe)
  • Caring for others also re-regulates us and gives us a sense of control and joy.
The garden kits come with containers and a dome that allows for growth in a small place. (Dimensions - 6.69" W x 9.06" L x 7.09" H)
  • Host household plants when they are small, such as cuttings
  • Grow microgreens (or possibly baby greens)
  • Start seeds for planting outside (when it's warmer!)
Along with the garden kit, we'll provide household plants and crop seeds, but we encourage you to ask colleagues or students to share cuttings or "babies" from their favorite household plant. 
Pick-up in early February at either Bruce Vento Elementary or 1930 Como—you'll be able to indicate your choice when you register. Supplies are limited. Preference for staff working directly with students.
Please note that most household plants do well indoors because they can grow with just room light. In addition, they prefer drier conditions and so will thrive with little attention.  
Not sure if this will work for you? Email and include "Desktop Wellness Garden" in the header.  
carol grady