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Free Classroom Theater Programming With Steppingstone Theatre

SteppingStone Theatre

SteppingStone Theatre is thrilled to offer SPPS elementary schools a wonderful creative drama classroom experience this spring at no cost. Since we can't bring students to the theater right now, SteppingStone is bringing theater to you! 

This opportunity is only available to a limited number of classrooms, so please reach out and reserve a teaching artist today!

Let's Make Theatre! Workshops will include:

  • A SteppingStone Theatre teaching artist for a 60 or 90-minute guided drama experience in your classroom.
  • Grade level-appropriate encounters where students will share their ideas to devise an experience unique to their classroom guided by a SteppingStone Theatre teaching artist and rooted in MN theater standards.
  • Together, students will move, create characters, and collaborate on imaginative creative drama adventures!

Teaching artists can be scheduled between April 18 and May 20 and can come to multiple classrooms within one school.

Educators may reserve workshops by filling out this interest form.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Amanda Hestwood, School and Community Program Manager︱ (651) 895-2205 

Anna Resele