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Message from Principal Theresa Neal

The evidence of a strong and collaborative group of staff persons working together for a common purpose was certainly evident in the past few weeks here at CPSHS. The huge undertaking of writing and submitting our grant proposal for the Restorative Practices Grant sponsored by the District Office and the St. Paul Federation of Teachers, took grit, determination, teamwork and commitment.  My gratitude and appreciation to our building level Restorative Practices Committee for their dedication, energy, commitment to task, knowledge and their ability to juggle multiple balls and wear multiple hats to meet a short deadline was beyond remarkable.  They were an amazing team that also received support from so many of their Como colleagues as well as from our partnership with the Dispute Resolution Center.  To quote one member of the committee who said "whether we get the grant or not, working side by side with such committed people on something so meaningful has enriched us and changes our community--not just by the clarity we expressed about accomplishing our mission and vision at Como but by the camaraderie that we shared through this challenging task."  On behalf of our school community, we thank you:  Ms. Beseman, Ms. Cialek, Ms. Cohen, Ms. Dutton, Ms. Hansmeier, Ms. Jacobson, Ms. Pierce, Ms. Schirm, Ms. Taylor, Mr. Turner, Ms. Vashisht and The Dispute Resolution Center're all awesome!