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Updated Tardy Policy Starting Quarter 4, April 11, 2016

It is expected that all students be on time for each class during the school day.  Students should request and have a pass with them every time they leave a room when it is not passing time.

Students arriving late to school (7:30 and later) will need to enter the building at the main door and check in with Security. Students will receive an admit slip with their arrival time to the building noted. 

Students who are late to school (unexcused) or tardy to class (1st-7th)  will be given two opportunities to fulfill the teacher directed consequence. Teachers will contact a parent/guardian to inform them of the student tardy and the consequence. After two missed opportunities teachers can write a referral to administration. Administration will dismiss the student for the following day and inform a parent/guardian along with the referring teacher. 

If during the day a student is in a hallway without a pass, the student will be taken to the auditorium for check-in with a staff member.  A corridor pass will be written to get the student back in class.  A student who is in the hallways twice in one day without a pass will be immediately dismissed by administration.