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Greetings from School Principal Theresa Neal

Greetings to All-

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year. It is hard to believe we have reached the MEA break and have completed seven weeks of the school year. Students and staff are adjusting into their daily routines and we have much to be proud of here at CPSHS. We have had a great start to our school year and had an exuberant Homecoming week. We also completed a successful iPad redistribution.


We realize the use of technology to help guide teaching and learning is certainly an asset to our 21st Century Learners.  But, at the same time we are noticing an increase in students’ misuse of their devices during instructional time. Teachers are particularly reporting an increase in cell phone usage during class time, which leads to a level of disruption and loss of teaching and learning time.


Please remind your student that they are expected to adhere to class room expectations and rules, especially with regards to the classroom teacher policy on the use of cell phones. Violation of school/class policy can result in administrative intervention. Teachers are being encouraged to contact parents/guardians when students struggle to use technology appropriately in their classrooms and noticing a decline in their progress. We are asking as parents/guardians to talk with your  student on the appropriate use and time of technology during the school day. We don’t want to see cell phone usage as an obstacle to learning.


We are all invested in each student achieving success at CPSHS and look forward to the continuation of this being a great school year.

Happy Autumn!