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Message from Principal Theresa Neal



This week many will gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, acknowledge blessings or give thanks for good fortune.  It is also a season of gratitude and appreciation and a time where we can shine a spotlight on the people who provide us with some of the good moments in our lives. 


It is important to express our gratitude within our school community.  A simple but powerful way to indicate our benevolent intentions…. gratitude can be a simple thank you or acknowledging another person’s worth and value.  Gratitude is a gracious appreciation of the moments of good fortune that sustains our lives every day.


There is much to be grateful for and appreciative of here at Como Park Senior High School.  We have a wonderful and vibrant school community; awesome students, staff, families, school partners and immeasurable opportunities for both academic and personal growth. This is the fabric of our school community.


So I express my gratitude to each of you during this season of Thanks and how appreciative I am for your ongoing and continued support of Como Park Senior High School.


Theresa Neal, Principal