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Como Park Senior High School Athletics-Community Input

Como Park Senior High School Athletics-Community Input

On February 25th the community was invited in to provide input as to the current athletic facilities for CPSHS and potential facility improvements. There was a presentation, available at the following link:

The attendees worked in 6 groups, participating in dialogue using 3 focus questions. They presented after each question and submitted their notes and questions. The following are the focus questions used and the input provided by the attendees:


1. What do you want Como Park Athletic facilities to be within and for the community?

* School and community Pride for youth, family and community (4 groups)

* Attract potential students and families. Facilities can make Como a viable option for students interested in both academics and athletics. (5 groups)

* Provide a safe, family friendly environment to give the best impression to the surrounding community and engages the community for using-it can truly be the hub of the community. (4 groups)


2. What do you see as advantages to becoming a Tier I Athletic Facility?

* Equitable facilities with other SPPS schools

* Equitable with other suburban schools and competitive at the MSHSL Level

* Revenue generating (Opens doors to hosting more events, concessions are revenue generators)

* Revenue savings: Less rental fees over time. i.e. rental of lift for press box overtime is costly.


3. Considering the next steps, what questions, comments or suggestions do you have about the current proposal for Como Park facilities improvements? Questions (Answers will updated periodically):

* What is the cost? Cost would be determined with facility leadership and aligned to the current improvement plans and athletic strategic plans and current construction and remodel costs. The timeline would impact any costs.

* Where does the revenue come from? Revenue for any building improvements come from capital funding source.

* What cost? How does this relate to faculty/staff and class size? Building improvement and staff are two different funding sources.

* Why a 15-year plan? That seems like a long time? Our facilities master plan is planned for 5 year process. The current plan for Como’s building improvements are related to the instructional spaces and building remodel. The 5 year plan can be found for all SPPS schools at this link:

* How do we identify footprints on the facility that could be improved incrementally?

* How can fundraising assist this/these projects get moving: call on community? Fundraising is currently being explored. Considerations need to be made for long term sustainability and maintenance.

* Can city and schools partner better to combine funds?

* How are Tiers determined?

* What do you need in support from parents and community members? Stay engaged, provide continued feedback and participate in all levels of input for athletics.

* What is the parking plan? Como’s parking is restricted presently due to construction of our school building. We expect parking relief at the conclusion of the major building renovation.



* Must maintain cleanliness with increased use. i.e. restrooms, trash

* Increase security to assure neighbors that events are safe.

* Rolling plan is disconcerting, need real timelines.

* Let the school be a school, look to community partners

* Must engage the rental community at a deeper level (offer food, go to them)



* Make facilities accessible to community member use. i.e. “open hours” during off season, movie nights, walking, etc.

* Residents in rentals should attend all athletic events free

* Communicate in advance of large events

* Share schedules with community

* Have community members involved in sound testing

* PA-Strategic placement will make you a good neighbor

* Sound suggestion: treat sound like light. Small directed increments without excess

* Invest in sound mitigation barriers/structures

* Rent out space for available time slots