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Cybersecurity in Saint Paul Public Schools

The cybersecurity of school districts has been in the news in recent weeks. At SPPS, several existing measures and ongoing enhancements are in place to ensure our systems, devices and users are as protected as possible. This information is being shared with you as a resource; there are no known threats to any SPPS systems at this time.
To counter cybersecurity threats, SPPS has several protective resources in place:
Email Filters
Our email filter blocks visible and noticeable at-risk phishing, scam, malicious emails. 
Example: You've just won 1 million pounds, please click this link.
Ability to report phishing/spam/malicious emails
For emails that are more subtle, that may bypass SPPS email filters, any employee with an SPPS email account can report an email by following these steps. This feature empowers our employees to protect themselves.
Cell Phones
Employees have the ability to block unwanted phone calls or texts as needed. Instructions for how to do this can be found here.
Technology Services works with the Office of Communications to send district communications regarding scam emails. Additionally, communications regarding various cybersecurity tips and topics are shared with staff regularly via email and The Bridge newsletter.
Technology Services has developed a cybersecurity course regarding social engineering and general Internet safety. Staff may access the course here.
What You Can Do Now
  • Use passwords that are unique and independent of passwords used for personal accounts.
    • If you use your SPPS password outside of SPPS, please change your SPPS password.
    • Ensure your Active Directory password is different from your PeopleSoft password.
  • Take the cybersecurity course referenced above. Staff can access the course here
  • Report suspicious emails by going here
Technology Services continues to seek ways to improve our cybersecurity for our district and its employees. Any questions regarding cybersecurity can be sent to