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Give To The Max Day

Our Give to the Max Day was a great success and in one day we raised $11,500 and surpassed our goal. Donations will be used to enhance the learning experiences for all students in our building. While we are ecstatic to have met our financial target in large part due to the help of Ann Elenbaas, Laura Harris, Shannon Kast, and Lizz Stable Staunning, we are touched by the staff, students, parents, volunteers and local businesses who make up the incredible EXPO Family. A clear message came from our Give to The Max Campaign, “We Believe.”

  • We believe if we set goals it’s important to have a plan to accomplish them
  • We believe when we work as a team we are at our strongest
  • We believe great schools and great communities are linked together
  • We believe in our students’ amazing potential and our school’s ability to allow them to reach it

We cannot express our gratitude enough, thank you for your generous donation of time, money and positivity. Most importantly, thank you for believing. With a lot of EXPO pride and a big smile on our faces, WE DID IT!