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EXPO E-Learning Days Information- February 22 & 23, 2023

E-Learning Days- Wednesday February 22 & Thursday February 23, 2023


There will be E-Learning Days for all EXPO students on Wednesday February 22nd and Thursday February 23rd.  There will be a snow day on Friday February 24th, due to the weather with no e-learning taking place on Friday.


SPPS follows state education guidelines that allow districts to offer e-learning days due to inclement weather. The district may call an “e-learning day” if:

  • Wind chills are forecasted to be -35 or colder at 6 a.m. OR
  • Snow makes it too difficult for our students and staff to get to school. 


At EXPO, classroom teachers will host a classroom Google Meets with their class on Wednesday February 22 and 23 beginning at 8:00AM. Teachers will begin their google meets with a class meeting and a Reading/Math lesson. Please go to your child’s Seesaw or Schoology class page for more information. 


8:00-9:30- PreK-5 classes will meet with their teacher. The rest of their work will take place on their own schedule. Teachers will be available throughout the day. Your student’s attendance will be based on their participation in these online learning activities.


10:00-11:00- Resource Teachers will have office hours for PreK- 3 students


11:00-12:00- Resource Teachers will have office Hours for students in grades 4-5


Resource Teachers will assign asynchronous work for each class on their own page with a link on the classroom teacher’s Seesaw/Schoology page.


If you have any questions, please contact your student’s teachers or the EXPO main office at 651-290-8384.