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Meal Deliveries for Students

Meal Deliveries for Students on Friday Starting March 20th

Starting on Wednesday, March 18, school bus routes will be used as meal pickup locations. Parents are asked to accompany children, and each child will be provided a 1-week supply of meals. Bus stops for Farnsworth PreK-4 and 5-8 campuses will be scheduled each Friday. School bus drivers will be following their normal morning routes and making their normal bus stops and times on their designated day. All families are welcome to meet the bus at their regular bus stop to receive meals. 

Additional meals will be available for curbside pick up at both schools every Friday from 9:30-10:00AM. Students who do not have a regularly scheduled bus stop can either pick up meals from Farnsworth or call Transportation to find their nearest bus stop. Any extra meals will be available for the community during that time as well. 

If you do not know where your nearest bus stop is, call the Transportation office at 651-696-9600.

Families who lack transportation or those with medically fragile children can request to have food delivered to their residence. Registration for home delivery is open at

For more information and the delivery schedule for other schools, please visit the Nutrition Services website: www.