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Farnsworth 5-8 2020 Yearbooks-- View & Download Here!


The 2020 Farnsworth 5-8 Yearbook is now available! Due to the rising cost and declining sales of print yearbooks as well as COVID-19 restrictions, our yearbook this year is digitial for the first time ever! Created by a dedicated group of Farnsworth 5-8 students and staff, this yearbook is available FREE for all students and their families to view and download in PDF form. To keep file sizes manageable, each grade level has a separate yearbook. All students are welcome to view and download all grade-level yearbooks if they would wish. 

To access this yearbook, please click on the link and then sign in with an SPPS Google account. If you need help logging in, please contact your Foundations teacher or our technology specialist, Rhonda Mechels, at


2020 Farnsworth 5-8 Yearbooks

5th Grade Yearbook

6th Grade Yearbook

7th Grade Yearbook

8th Grade Yearbook


Please give a special shoutout to our student yearbook editors for taking on this extra and quite monumental task (total of 178 pages!!!!) during a stressful time, and trying to meet and organize and coordinate without being able to be in the same room. We are super proud of these students for stepping up to serve our school. Your yearbook student staff are: Summer Hang (editor & boss lady), Bailey Chang, Xeeana Lee, Angelina Moua, Alyssa Cha, and Hillary Yang. Thank you for all your hard work on these wonderful yearbooks!