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Focusing on Attendance and Punctuality

Although spring is here, we still have 1/4th of the school year remaining. To help us stay engaged and focused on our learning, everyone here at Farnsworth will be working on attendance and punctuality for Quarter 4. For the rest of the school year, all students who are late to class (which means that the student is NOT inside the classroom when the bell rings) will receive an Office Discipline Referrel (ODR) for being tardy. Students will not go to the office for a tardy ODR because we want all students to stay in class and start learning, but teachers will send the ODR form to administration. For every 6 tardies a student receives, the student will be sent to C3, placed on the No Pass list for 1-2 weeks and will need to sign an attendance contract. C3 stands for The Choice-Chance-Change Program, a week-long class that meets afterschool for 3 hours and is for St. Paul students in grades 6-12 that were involved in a disruptive event at school. Students with 6 or more tardies will have to attend the C3 program because constant tardies is disruptive to everyone’s learning.


A few other reminders to help us stay focused on learning for the remainder of the school year:

    • Students may not wear any hats or hoods while in school.
    • Students seen with headphones/earbuds in the hallway will have them confiscated (headphones/earbuds falls under the same policy as the electronics/cell phones).
    • Walking out of class without permission may result in either a detention or school dismissal.
    • There should be no hallway passes given during Foundations. All students must remain in their Foundations classroom until 4:00.


Thank you for supporting all our students in focusing on their attendance, their punctuality, and most importantly their learning!