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Cahoots Summer Program

Conspire with us to make learning fun this summer! Looking for a creative way for your child to keep learning this summer? Cahoots is a self-led educational program that sharpens academic skills, fosters independence and promotes self-reflection.

Lessons conclude with age-appropriate reflection questions. Reflections are mailed to buddies who will provide encouragement and keep kids motivated throughout the program. It’s a great way for youth to creatively solve problems and track progress.

Everyone who successfully completes the Cahoots program will receive a completion prize!

How it works:

● Cahoots is for kids entering grades K-6

● Math and language arts lessons (reviewing previously learned concepts) are completed weekly at home or on-the-go. Answers are checked online

● After each lesson, reflections are mailed to a buddy in the Community Ed office who will send feedback and encouragement back by mail. These reflections enhance learning through relationships.

Cost (includes workbook, reflection buddy and completion prizes):

● Entering Kindergarten (6 lessons): $32

● Entering Grades 1-6 (8 lessons): $42

● 50% discount is available for families who qualify for free-or-reduced lunch.

Sample pages are online at

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