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National African American Parent Involvement Day



school day 7:30AM-2:00PM

Celebrate National African American Parent Involvement Day at Four Seasons A+. Drop in any time during the day . We invite parents/guardians/family members to join us for an African American Read-In and lunch with their child. All families are invited to attend.


Volunteer to read in your child's classroom as part of our African American Read-In promoting reading and works authored by African American writers. Contact your child's teacher to be a guest reader.


Lunch with Your Child

Mesquite BBQ chicken drumstick

Red Beans and Rice

Cornbread muffin

Peach crisp


Lunch times are:

  • 10:20 DHH classes and PreK
  • 10:30 Kindergarten
  • 10:40 2nd Grade
  • 10:50 1st Grade
  • 11:20 3rd Grade
  • 11:30 4th Grade
  • 11:40 5th Grade

RSVP here by January 23 to eat lunch with your child. We need to know our numbers to prepare enough food and plan space to eat.