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IXL Math
Student Accounts for Grades K - 5 Now Available for Home Access


What is it?

IXL turns rigorous math concepts into approachable, compelling content that builds students' confidence and math fluency, regardless of their initial proficiency. With in-depth content for all grades and infinite questions—literally—there's always more to learn on IXL. Real-world scenarios and an interactive format develop active learners eager to tackle even the most challenging problems.


How do I access it?

IXL can be accessed through any Internet browser.  There is also an Android and an iOS app available for free download.  Contact your child's teacher or Mme Lacey for login username and password.  Click here to access our web-based login page.


Coming soon...

We will also be adding IXL English Language Arts to our program. Students in Grades 2-5 will be able to practice grammar, reading, phonics and structure skills.  The same app and login will give access to both programs.



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