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Welcome Letter from Principal Bossard 

My name is Sofia Bossard, and I want to share my gratitude for welcoming me into the L’Etoile Du Nord French Immersion community as your new principal! My journey as an educator began twelve years ago. I have been a French immersion teacher, classroom teacher, and elementary administrator for the past four years. I am a product of French Immersion schooling since age five in Bulgaria, where I was born and raised. I am trilingual (French, Bulgarian, and English) and tricultural. 

L’Etoile du Nord French Immersion is near and close to my heart both personally and professionally. My husband, who is French, and I have five-year-old twins starting their K-12 journey at LNFI this year, and we believe in this community and our LNFI family with our whole hearts. 

Building authentic relationships with students and families, as well as integrity, appreciation, and a cultural lens lie at the core of my belief system. My goal this year is to build relationships with each and every one, and to continue to develop a welcoming school community with a high-quality, equitable French immersion education for all students with lots of opportunities for fun and social and emotional learning. 

I am here to listen to you because you matter. My email is, and I encourage you to reach out to me. I will hold office hours this summer for you to come in in person if you would like, or email me so we can set up a telephone conversation. The hours will be updated here by the end of next week.

In partnership,


Sofia Bossard