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Holed up at home? Physical activity doesn't have to stop.

Being homebound does not mean physical activity routines should go on hiatus for staff or students. There are a number of online videos that offer everything from short, 5-minute brain breaks to full-on fitness classes. Click here to for some options.

Playworks offers a number of resources for recess and group play. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Playworks has compiled a booklet of games that families can play at home. Click here to download the guide.


There are also a number of yoga and mindfulness based videos and resources available, including YouTube channel offerings from 1000 Petals and Alo Yoga. 1000 Petals will also be offering a daily mindfulness/yoga routine at 4:00 on Facebook for families and children. To view, search for 1000-Petals on Facebook.