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10/11 Letter to Families

SUBJECT: Envision SPPS: Recommendations on providing all students access to a well-rounded education


Dear Galtier Community School,


As you may know, Envision SPPS is an initiative to align our school buildings with well-rounded education programs so we can ensure all students have access to high-quality learning opportunities regardless of which school they attend.


Currently, far too many of our students--particularly students of color--do not receive the strong, well-rounded education they need to put them on the path to thrive in school and their careers. As we’ve shared before, the reasons for this are complex, but declining birth rates and increased competition from schools outside of SPPS are among the biggest challenges. Schools and programs with too few students make it too difficult to provide those students with a well-rounded education.


Tonight, SPPS administration is presenting its recommendation to the Board of Education to co-locate, re-locate, combine or close some schools and programs. Tonight’s meeting is at 4:30 p.m. and will be streamed live; a recording of the meeting will be available on Tuesday.


Your school is one that will be affected by these recommendations, specifically: Galtier Community School is being recommended to close and merge with Hamline Elementary School at Hamline. If approved by the Board of Education, Hamline will welcome students from Galtier in fall 2022. 


These recommendations will be voted on by the Board on November 16. To answer questions and listen to concerns, a series of information sessions and public hearings will be scheduled before the Board vote. Dates, time and locations will be posted on the Envision SPPS website this week. Schools directly impacted by the recommendations will also have meetings to specifically discuss these changes and answer questions--dates and times for these meetings will be provided soon.


School closings are always the last option for school districts, and SPPS is no different. We know that program changes and closings present a deep sense of loss for students, families, staff and community. But we also know that the longer we wait on these decisions, the more students will go without the well-rounded education they need to thrive. 


To learn more about how student enrollment and a well-rounded education are so closely tied, please visit the Envision SPPS website and videos. Questions about Envision SPPS can be sent to




Jackie Turner

Chief Operations Officer, Division of Operations

Saint Paul Public Schools