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Parent Teacher Conferences Virtual on October 14th and 19th from 4-7 pm

Join us for Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences! 

Who: Students are expected to work with their parents to sign up for virtual conferences in their Schoology Courses.


What:  Parents and students select a 10 minute conference time in calendar link-Calendly. 


Where:  Calendly link will be on each teacher Schoology page (updates section).  


When:  October 14 and 19, 2021 from 4 to 7pm


How: First-time users:  Watch the brief tutorial video below to sign up in Calendly. Decide what teachers you want to see for conferences. Students and parents together go to the individual teacher Schoology page to sign up. Sign in with student name and email, or with parent name and email AND include student name in message box. Since conferences are a scheduled time, teachers will help to monitor the time so they can get to the next conference appointment.

Calendly Scheduling Tutorial

Do you need an interpreter to attend the conference? Interpreters are available in Hmong, Spanish, Karen, and Somali. Let the teacher know if another language is needed. Write this request in the Calendly invite.  Students may also directly ask their teachers to request an interpreter.