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Enhanced Security Measures and Student Supports Update 3-9-23

Dear Harding Senior High School Community,


I am writing to give you an update on some of the enhanced security measures and student supports we established last month.


Beginning Monday, March 13, Harding will no longer have officers from the Saint Paul Police Department (SPPD) at our school. We truly appreciate their partnership over the last several weeks and will keep working closely with them. SPPD and the Office of Neighborhood Safety will continue to support SPPS and keep our schools and communities safe.


Our third School Support Liaison (SSL) will remain on-site full time, in addition to the Community Support Liaison at the front doors checking people in. We will continue to have supervision in the hallways and bathrooms during passing time and during class. Hallway sweeps will happen daily or as needed to address students who are not in class. 


Additionally, we have worked closely with our Office of Family Engagement and now have a district ombudsperson working at Harding three days a week, at least until spring break. His name is Albert Green and he is available to families who would like to discuss concerns. Families are able to contact him by phone at 651-592-5233.


In addition, Family Engagement is conducting outreach to families for students who are in need of additional support. For more information about upcoming engagement opportunities with the district as a whole, please click here.


We are committed to keeping Harding High School a safe place to learn, and it will take our entire school community working together. We will continue to work with our teachers and staff to help develop and modify our plans moving forward. At home, you are also able to help by talking with your child regularly and reporting any issues or conflicts that may impact the school. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please call me at 651-793-4700.  Thank you for supporting Harding and Saint Paul Public Schools.


In Partnership,


Be Vang, Principal

Harding High School