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HPSH Results from the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair

Below are the winners of prizes from the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair. It was a great day for Highland Park with some great opportunities for our students in the coming weeks. Four to State, Two to JSHS, and Two alternates to State. We had 20 total students participate and represent HP really well. I put together an announcement on Monday.


Geeta R.  - ISEF Finalist, State Participant for Project, State Participant for Paper, St. Paul Youth Fund Award, Graduate Women in Science Paper Award, Joel Wagner Caringbridge Award.


Ramona W. –State Participant for Project, MN Space Frontiers Award, US Army ROTC Award


Enrique V. –State Participant for Project


Salvador V. –State Participant for Project


Luke C.  –State Participant for Paper, American Psychology Award


Claire D.  –State Alternate for Project


Nick Berg, Akira Callahan, Joe Paquet –State Alternate for Project, MarsCon Award –will present at SciFi Conference next week, US Metric Excellence Award


Liza S. –US Army ROTC Award


Matt B. –ASU Walton Sustainability Solutions Award (invited to a conference in Arizona), MN Astronomical Award, American Meteorology Award