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Digital Library Cards Expand District-Wide

Superintendent John Thein today celebrated the final roll-out of digital library cards to all Saint Paul Public Schools students. He was joined by Mayor Chris Coleman, State Senator Sandy Pappas and other school and library officials who were integral to the creation of the Library Go program.

Library Go gives students free access to the public library’s digital resources. Initially launched for all secondary school students last November, Library Go is now available to all SPPS students.

"Giving students of all ages digital access to the library and its resources gives them access to the world," Thein said. "With a few clicks of a button they can learn about the practice the Japanese people have of napping in public to the rich history of Native American culture in our own state. They can do research no matter where they are and when they aren't using the library for school work they can use it to check out movies or music they like."

With Library Go, SPPS students now can seamlessly access the library’s digital resources, including dozens of databases, free music downloads, e-books and countless other assets. The library is also offering students the ability to check out up to five physical items using their virtual card.

“This incredible program connects nearly 40,000 public school students to one-on-one online homework help, research databases, e-books, and more,” said Mayor Coleman. “Providing students with free, easy access to these learning tools is another huge leap forward as we work to help our youth succeed both in and out of the classroom.”

SPPL and SPPS have been collaborating on this initiative since September 2015, as part of President Obama’s ConnectED Library Challenge. For more information about Library Go, visit and