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SPPS Students Recognized for Outstanding Work

Several Saint Paul Public Schools students were recognized by the Board of Education for their contributions and outstanding work:

Joel Passewe

Joel Passewe

A senior at Washington Technology Magnet, Joel was awarded the honor of Top Knife Skills in Minnesota, at the ProStart Invitational Culinary Competition. Joel plans to attend Saint Paul College and then will look at attending University of Wisconsin-Stout to further his studies in hospitality management.

Joel has a passion in helping others, along with his passion for his Culinary Arts. In the years at Washington Technology Magnet, he volunteered at the Taste of the NFL and has competed in various culinary competitions.

Oliver Paleen

Oliver Paleen

A senior at Highland Park Senior High School, Oliver won the Triple A Award from the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL.) Four Minnesota high school students were selected as the 2020 Triple A Award state scholarship recipients. Established in 1988, the award recognizes high school seniors from across the state for their achievements in the classroom, the arts/activities and athletics.

It is worth further noting that Oliver was also the MSHSL 2A State Cross Country champion for 2019.

National History Day 2020

History Day is a program where students use historical research to dig deep into a topic they are interested in learning more about. This year's theme was Breaking Barriers. Students choose their topic, conduct their research and then communicate their research in an exhibit board, paper, performance, documentary or website. All 7th grade students and students in regular high school U.S. History engage with History Day; many students in 6th grade also participate.

This year's qualifiers included:

Junior National Qualifiers

  • Capitol Hill: Karina Hydrie
  • Open World Learning Community: Tess Campion, Willa Campion, Annika Culver
  • Murray Middle School: Greta Seppanen, Zach Bollman

Senior National Qualifiers

  • Open World Learning Community: Helena Squires Mosher, Mae Wrigley, Sam Kellar-Long, Isabella Graziani, Iris Carroll, Elsa Carlson, Zoe Campion, Lily Hennessee, Aiko Mattie, Emma McCarthy
  • Central Senior High School: Mani Chadaga, Simon Mulrooney, Akshay Nambudiripad, Kalid Ali
  • Highland Park Senior High School: Isabella Schmitt

Junior Top Five

  • Murray Middle School: Dejaun Edwards, Maame Ofori, Anna Lovat, Maddy Schilling, Emily Brenner, Maria Brenner, Riya Stebleton
  • American Indian Magnet: Ameris Cook, Cortez Thomas, Janyla Harris, Mary Jane Myhrem, Tyara Taylor

Senior Top Five

  • Highland Park Senior High School: Eleanor Show, Alysa Monteagudo
  • Washington Technology Magnet: Alexader Boulton