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Results Are In: Students Vote for President in Mock Election

 During the 2020 General Election, hundreds of SPPS students participated in the statewide Students Voting mock election sponsored by the YMCA-Center for Youth Voice and the Office of Secretary of State. Students Voting gives teachers at all grade levels the tools and resources to expose their students to a realistic voting experience.

Leading up to the election, students had the opportunity to learn about civics, voting, elections, and the presidential candidates. Students could vote early or on Election Day depending on their school's asynchronous/synchronous schedule.

How did SPPS students vote for president?

  • 90% Joe Biden
  • 10% Donald Trump

How do SPPS students compare to MN student results?

  • 54% Joe Biden
  • 33% Donald Trump
  • 8% Kanye West
  • 1.5% Jo Jorgenson
  • 1.5% Howie Hawkins
  • 2% (other candidates)

Find additional results and more information at Students Voting Minnesota.