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Celebrating National School Nurse Day

Photo collage of SPPS school nurses
On National School Nurse Day we celebrate all of our SPPS nurses! 
We have two nurses that just celebrated their 25th year in SPPS: Dawn Swanson and Tom Stinson. 
We have 4 school nurses retiring this year: Kelly Nelson, Jodi Loveland, Tara Kaup and Sally Jacobson.
Yia Leepalao started as a health assistant in SPPS and has been a Licensed School Nurse for a number of years. She speaks English, Hmong, Spanish and French and is a great asset to our students, staff and families. She works at Bridge View. She is organized, works hard and provides much support for her population. We are lucky to have her on our team.
Jodi Loveland is a school nurse retiring this year. She works at the Student Placement Center providing required vaccines to new enrollees and other students behind on their shots as well as doing some health screening. She has been an ongoing resource to our staff around communicable diseases. She is a great asset to our students, families and our staff.
Nou Xiong is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in our Department who was recently accepted into an RN nursing program. Nou has been a leader on our COVID-19 Team this year addressing student and staff exclusions. She has been a consistent and capable resource to our team and to our administrators to clarify guidelines. She often works extra hours when case rates are high to assist with the increased reporting of cases.
Morgan Zak is new to school nursing this year. She works hard to support her Como Elementary students and their families. She is a leader in asthma education. She works hard to provide equitable services and supports to all her families. She is also mentoring a student nurse to support continued interest and understanding of the important role school nurses play in the lives of students.