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Media Release: Saint Paul Public Schools Releases Five-Year Strategic Plan

Posted by Saint Paul Public Schools on December 18, 2018

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) tonight released a new strategic plan, SPPS Achieves, at its regularly scheduled Board of Education meeting. The plan sets goals for student achievement, guides decision-making and focuses the District's efforts on long term efforts for the next five years (2019-2023).

"SPPS Achieves provides a focus for our work and will help us prioritize our resources to make a positive impact on student learning," says Dr. Joe Gothard, superintendent of Saint Paul Public Schools. "This plan will be reviewed and revised on a regular basis to ensure it remains impactful, relevant and reflective of our work."

The plan comes after months of meetings with students, parents, teachers, staff and community members. In addition SPPS used past surveys, community feedback and student data as part of the planning process. Those meetings and that data helped the District understand what makes SPPS great; and helped SPPS identify areas for improvement.

The conversations and data identified a number of similar themes, including:

  • Concerns about growing achievement gaps between student groups
  • The need for culturally-relevant instruction
  • The reality of increasing costs and shrinking resources
  • The opportunity for students to plan for college, career and life
  • The desire for increased family and community engagement

Those themes have become the District's Strategic Focus Areas, and represent the backbone of the strategic plan.

"Our strategic plan has been designed with input and engagement, and that's how it will succeed," says Zuki Ellis, Chair of the SPPS Board of Education. "Our schools, staff, neighborhoods and communities all play an important role in student success at every age. We will need their continued active engagement to make SPPS Achieves successful as well."

For more information, including specific action plans and measurements for success of SPPS Achieves, please visit