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Contact Local Legislators to Advocate for School Funding

Saint Paul Families and Community Members,

We have reached that point in this legislative session when the House, Senate and Governor must agree on joint budget targets.  On education, they couldn't be further apart.

The Governor dedicates $700 million, the House $900 million and the Senate only $200 million over the next two years.

For Saint Paul Public Schools, the difference between the House and Senate bills is stark.  The House bill would provide $12.2 million in new funding.  The Senate bill would provide only $3.05 million, and worse, does not include $2.165 million for our 266 school readiness scholars that we are currently enrolling for next fall.  Funding for these future Pre-K scholars are in the Governor and House recommendations.

Graphic of proposed revenue comparison for FY2020

Please reach out to Governor Walz and House Speaker Hortman and thank them for prioritizing public education.  Urge the Governor and Speaker to hold firm against the Senate and push for the House target. Call or email Majority Leader Gazelka and urge him to adopt, at a minimum, the Governor’s target.  

Also call your local House and Senate members and ask that they continue to advocate for the House education funding level. (District finder link below)

There are few days left before session adjourns.  Please make your calls or post to social media in the next three days.  Tell them that class sizes, special education services, English Learner supports, counselors and social workers, gifted and talented programming, music, arts, or whatever else you value, is hanging in the balance.  The Senate bill does nothing to stem the growing underfunding of special education.  It doesn't come close to keeping up with basic inflation.

Please call, email or post in the next three days.

Governor Tim Walz

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka

Speaker Melissa Hortman

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In partnership,


Joe Gothard