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Changes to the Walking Line

Changes to the Walking Line

Due to after-school commitments of the school patrols, there will be a decreased presence in the afternoon routes on Mondays and Wednesdays (EDL and LEGO League days). EDL tentatively begins on Monday, October 21.  


Patrols will continue to walk the students across the Cleveland/Highland Pkwy intersections, but from there, all but one patrol will be returning to school. That patrol walks west on Highland Pkwy. These patrols are scheduled to be in after-school activities, which will not allow them time to walk the lines past the Cleveland/Highland Pkwy corners, and return to be on time for EDL.


For the Kenneth line, at least one patrol will be available to assist walkers across Highland Pkwy. From there, any walkers will walk without Patrols.  


There is one patrol to walk the students to the Eleanor and Fairview corner. There will likely be a couple patrols, to walk with the students part-way up to the bench on Eleanor. From the bench, they’d need to return to school.


Therefore, it will be the responsibility of the parents of these walkers who need to walk beyond the Cleveland/Highland Pkwy intersection, beyond the Highland Pkwy/Kenneth intersection, and beyond the bench on Eleanor Ave to either meet their child(ren) and assist them walking home, work with other parents of walkers to walk students, or give their child(ren) the responsibility to walk home on their own. 


Keep in mind that patrol absences could mean no patrol availability beyond the aforementioned intersections. Any questions, please email Mark Castillo, School Patrol Supervisor