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Horace Mann School Signs Up for Conferences


We use a website to sign up. It's called Conferences will be in-person unless you contact the teacher and request a virtual conference.


Some teachers have special requests for their schedule:

  • Ms. Rice and Ms. Glass prefer to do all the conferences in person. If you can't make that work, they will do a virtual conference.
  • Ms. Johnson will be doing APTT instead of spring conferences. She will reach out with more details.
  • Ms. Jalonack asks families who would like a virtual conference, if possible, to schedule it on either Wednesday, March 22 or Friday, March 24. In person conference will be held on all three dates.
  • Ms. Kortuem's class will not have conferences. Progress reports will be sent home by conferences.



  1. Go to
  2. Select a teacher and click Submit.
  3. Register.
    1. Enter your child's first name.
    2. Enter your child's last name.
    3. Enter your name.
    4. Enter and confirm your email.
    5. Enter a phone number if you wish and submit.
  4. You will receive a scheduling link in your email.
  5. Click the link and choose your time. If you have more than one child, click Register for Additional Classes and repeat the steps above. If not, click Confirm Selection and Exit.


If you request a virtual conference, the teacher will send you a link. We encourage you to use your student's iPad for virtual conferences if you can.


If you need help, please call 651-293-8965 and Judy will help you schedule or answer any questions.