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Fall Staffing Changes Affect Horace Mann School

Fall Staffing Changes Affect Horace Mann School During the fall, there are budget changes in the schools based on enrollments. Schools that are well-below projected enrollment have to return money or resources for re-allocation. Schools that are well-above projects receive additional dollars or resources. Schools that are at projection usually remain the same.


This year Horace Mann School faces a unique situation. We are receiving additional support for large classes in 3rd grade. However, because we share our counselor with another school that is losing resources, we are losing our counselor. Carrie Asmus will be moving to a full-time position in another school. She is very sad to go and wants to return in the future. She deserves a big thank you for her efforts this fall. A new counselor who is part-time will be placed at Horace Mann. His name is Jack Brown. He comes to us with a wealth of experience. His first day here will be November 28.


At the same time as these changes, one of our Special Education TAs is also leaving. Kelli Goldman has accepted a position with an advertising agency. She has done a terrific job and we thank her as she moves on to other pastures.


We are in the process of interviewing and hiring now. If you know of anyone who might be interested in the position, please have them email Jim Litwin or call 651-293-8965. Candidates can also go to to apply online.