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Free Horace Mann School Family Parenting Seminars

Free Family Seminars Coming Up Save the date for two different parenting seminars. Come for a couple of hours to learn about a topic. Connect with other families. Enjoy a free meal and let your children enjoy free child care while you learn. 

  • Tuesday, February 5, 6-8pm. Foundations of School Success: Expectations Help Children Learn This seminar will build families’ trust in their capacity to help their children be successful in school. We will work together and discuss how family expectations and home structure work together to support children’s success in school. Participants will:
    • Recognize the role of values and priorities in supporting children to meet hopes and dreams
    • Discuss and identify factors that help children succeed in school.
    • Learn about the importance of setting clear and reasonable expectations
    • Hear and share examples of how to provide a regular routine.
  • Thursday, March 14, 6-8pm. Understanding Children’s Emotions and Behaviors. We will learn more about children’s brains, emotions, and behaviors so that we understand why they do what they do. We will practice ways to help our children with their emotions, and learn when we should be concerned as parents. Participants will:
    • Learn about how our brains work.
    • Practice mindful parenting skills to pay attention to and understand children’s challenging behaviors and emotions
    • Identify red flags in our children’s behaviors and emotions