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Grading Update for Students School Year 20-21

Grading Update for JHS Students

School Year 2020-21

(During JHS Distance Learning 2.0)

August 2020


--Like all other SPPS high schools, JHS will return to its established grading practices for the 2020-21 school year, regardless of whether we are in a distance learning, hybrid, or an on-site scenario.


--All JHS teachers will be using our standard 70/30 scoring split. 70% of a student’s grade will be determined by summative assessments (what a student can can show and do); 30% of the grade will be determined by the level of participation and completion of formative work.


--Teachers will use A, B, C, D, and NP grades based on formative and summative assessments.


--Course credits are earned by earning a passing grade.


--Students who receive an NP need to contact their counselor for opportunities to recover lost credits ASAP at the end of each quarter.


--During Distance Learning, all work assigned in a given week is due to be submitted to teachers by 11:59 PM each Friday. Late work will be accepted by teachers and no late-work penalty will be applied, but teachers cannot guarantee when late work will be scored. That means that grades for students with late work will likely not be up-to-date. It is highly likely that consistently late work will have a negative impact on your grade—both in-process and final.


In addition, students anticipating that they will be submitting work after the Friday deadline MUST INFORM TEACHERS THAT SOME WORK MIGHT BE SUBMITTED LATE. It is the students' responsibility to keep track of the status of their weekly assigned work and be in communication with their teachers about it.


--The Minnesota Department of Education and the SPPS Board of Education is requiring JHS and all other SPPS high schools to offer an online program that is as equivalent as possible to our regular day program. This means that students need to plan to be working on school work for approximately 5 to 6.5 hours daily, just as they would during a regular seven-class school day.


--Students can complete asynchronous lessons whenever it is convenient for them to do so during the week before the Friday deadlines.


--Students are REQUIRED to attend all synchronous (live) class sessions scheduled by their teachers. Students can expect to have at least one synchronous class session for each class each week. See the “Weekly Student Schedule for Distance Learning 2.0” document for details.


--Our junior and senior Govie Leaders will be providing online peer-mentoring and support to all incoming grade 9 students. We will get more information about how this will work to you in the first few weeks of the school year. It is vital that incoming grade 9 students stay in communication with their Govie Leader mentor, who will be bringing important information, advice, and ideas to the class of 2024.


--Attendance will be taken and recorded every school day. Information on how that will be done will be released the week of August 31.


--Just like in regular school, attendance and effort are keys to success. We will be closely monitoring attendance and class participation of all students and will be contacting students and parents of students who are not attending or not completing work so that we can offer support for changes in those nonproductive behaviors.


--Students need check their SPPS email at least twice each day on every school day.


--Students who do not have an iPad, whose iPad is not functioning correctly, or who do not have access to wifi service, should contact Mr. Norby ASAP. He can help get you connected to what you need.


--As we move through the 2020-21 school year, JHS will be working on revisions to its overall grading policy with the goal being to establish a more clear standards-based evaluation and grading system in which student work products scored by rubric become the main way for teachers to determine a student's grade. Rather than the current summative/formative points accumulation system, the new system will be based on student work evidence--what the student actually produces and its quality.


We will keep you up-to-date on this revision process as it proceeds.


Micheal Thompson