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Fall Parent/Teacher Conference Information

Dear JHS Families:
1) Fall conferences (virtual) will happen on Thursday, October 8 from 4 to 7 PM. All JHS teachers are setting up a conference schedule on an APP called Calendly. Complete details about how to access teachers' calendars and sign up for a conference slot is below.
Students should attend the virtual conference with parents and should assist parents in getting signed up using their iPads and Schoology accounts.
When you sign up, please include your name and your student's name so teachers can prepare for you. A small number of JHS teachers with evening coaching or other duties will be setting up their conferences for 4-7 PM on Monday, October 12 or Tuesday, October 13. Please check the specific date for the specific teacher you want to see. Most will be on October 8.
All teacher calendars will be accessible by 5:00 PM on Friday, October 2. Some are already posted. Here are detailed instructions. They are also available on the JHS website.

Welcome to the JHS Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences!  

Who: Students are expected to work together with their parents to sign up for conferences.   

What:  Parents and students select a 10 minute conference time in calendar link-Calendly.  

Where:  Calendly link will be on each teacher Schoology page.   

When:  October 8th from 4 to 7pm  

How: Watch the brief tutorial video below to sign up in Calendly. Decide what teachers you want to see for conferences. Students and parents together go to the individual teacher Schoology page to sign up. Sign in with parent name, student name, grade and phone number. Since conferences are a scheduled time, teachers will help to monitor the time so they can get to the next conference appointment.


Calendly Scheduling Tutorial


 *We encourage all families to review our school's Family-School Compact and Family Engagement Plan (FEP) summary prior to conferences. See them below.

20-21 Compact

20-21 FEP Summary



Do you need an interpreter to attend the conference? Interpreters are available in Hmong, Spanish, Karen, Burmese and Somali. Let the teacher know if another language is needed. Write this request in the Calendly invite.  

Do you want an administrator, counselor or social worker to attend the conference? Do you have specific questions? Write the requests in the Calendly invite. 


Meet with a Counselor:  Below are the counselor names by student last name. Email the counselor to make an appointment during conferences.  

John Eschenbacher last names K-Q.  

Song Lor last names A and B - Vb – Z.  

Ker Yang last names   R – Va.  

Candy Pagel last names C – J.  

Samin Ali, College & Career.  


Meet with a Social Worker, sign up for a meeting in Calendly. Emails are also listed below:  

Andrea Jagusch  

Erica Sauer  

Sonja Boyd  

Jim Durand  

Mandy Wohlers Best way to access Ms. Wohlers is  


Meet with School Nurse  

Michelle Durand