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JHS policies on Being late to School, Tardy to Class, Cell Phones and Outside Food






Numerous studies and basic common sense tell us that students who attend their classes regularly and who show up on time do much better in those classes and end up graduating from high school on schedule.


We have abundant evidence of this here at JHS. Our data tells us that JHS students who miss more than seven class periods in a school year reduce their chances of passing the class by almost 50 percent. This in turn significantly reduces their chances of graduating on time, on remaining eligible for sports and other opportunities, and on preparing for college and other post high school pursuits.


In addition, students who are chronically late to school or class (defined as more than three times in a quarter), reduce their chances of passing their classes by 30 percent. In short, the first step toward earning credit in classes is showing up every day on time. JHS uses the following late-to-school/class and attendance procedures:


1) Students who arrive at their classes within five minutes of the start-of-class are subject to the tardy procedures of the individual teacher and are marked as late. Teachers will reach out to parents to consult about chronically tardy students.


2) Late students who are in the hallways from five minutes to ten minutes following the start-of-class bell must obtain a tardy pass from their Assistant Principal or behavior intervention specialist. Parents of students of chronically tardy students will be informed and might be asked to create a plan to make sure students are getting to class on time. Students who are chronically in the halls without a valid pass more than ten minutes following the start-of-class bell are considered absent-unexcused from class and must meet with their Assistant Principal for readmission to class.


3) Students who arrive at school late after 8:40 AM MUST bring a note from their parent or guardian indicating why they were late to school. Parents or guardians can also call the front desk or their student’s Assistant Principal to inform them of the reason their student will be entering the building after 8:40.


4) Parents or guardians of students who have been absent from school need to send a note with their student when they return to school. Students bring the note to the attendance clerk at the front desk upon returning to school. Parents or guardians can also call the JHS Attendance Line at 651/744-3583 to inform the attendance clerk of their student’s absence. This ensures that absences are accurately labeled in students’ attendance records and can help reduce the number of robo-calls that families receive.




Johnson High School



JHS expects all staff, students, visitors, and parents to abide by the following cell-phone use rules at all times:


1) Cell phones (and all other personal electronic devices—including earbuds) are prohibited in all classrooms during all class times during the day. Personal cell phones used by students or staff in classrooms while the class is in session is a distraction that impedes student learning. And since all JHS students have access to a school-issued iPad for use in class, there is no valid reason for students to be using their personal cell phone or other electronic device in classrooms while classes are in session. Students who do not follow this rule will be asked to leave the class, and parents will be notified. The absence from the class will be marked as unexcused.


2) Please discuss this with your student. Do not call or text students during times when students are in classes. If you need to reach your student with an important message while your student is in class, call the main office at 651-293-8890 and we will contact your student—asking them to call you or text you when they are finished with class. Calls or texts to students while class is in session gets in the way of student focus and learning and negatively affects all students in a classroom.


3) Johnson High School is not responsible for following up on or investigating reports of loss or theft of personal cell phones or other electronic devices. Students and staff who bring cell phones and other personal electronic devices to school with them and use them where allowed in the building do so at their own risk. We highly recommend that students keep personal cell phones out of sight, preferably locked in a locker, during the school day. 


4) Students and staff may use their cell phones during passing times when they are not in class and during lunch in the cafeteria and Commons—as well as before 8:30 AM and after 3:00 PM.








The JHS Nutrition Services department provides an inexpensive, healthy, and well-prepared breakfast and lunch for JHS students daily. To be sure that our building is safe for students with food allergies, and to ensure we keep our building clean and free from rodents and other hungry creatures, and to reduce the number of distractions during the school day, we expect everyone to abide by the following lunch and food guidelines: 


1) Do not order and send pizza’s or bring other lunch or breakfast items to students during school hours.


2) Students who choose to stop at Burger King or other places before arriving at school in the morning, need to consume that food before they enter the building.


Please note that stopping for breakfast is not a valid excuse for being late to school or absent from any classes. Breakfast is available at JHS daily from 7:45 to 8:30AM.