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Indonesian 8th Grade Residency Performance March 11

LMAP welcomes Joko and Tri Sutrisno to work with our 8th graders again this year! Joko and Tri have been working with LMAP over 14 years. It is our pleasure to continue this amazing and rich culturally-specific residency!

The theme for this residency is for the 8th graders to explore IDENTIFY AND COMMUNITY. 8th grade students are learning about who they are, as well as how they create a community together. Not only will this theme be explored in and through the art forms of gamelan and dancing, but also in subject-areas in Global Studies, and English Language Arts.

This process-oriented residency will have TWO performances on Friday, March 11 at the Monroe (810 Palace Ave) Large Gym.

Pre-K AM and Grade K through 3 - We welcome you at 10:30 AM. The performance will be 40 minutes in the morning.
Pre-K PM and Grade 4 through 8 - We welcome you at 3 PM. The performance will be a little longer than 40 minutes in the afternoon.

Families are welcome to either or both of these performances.