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You are invited to Volunteer at Murray Middle School

Our volunteer program is entitled, "Mighty Valuable Person," which is exactly what each and every volunteer is. Whether you are a parent, a guardian, a grandparent or a member of the community, your skills and time will be greatly welcomed, appreciated, and utilized.

Volunteers bring valuable talents, interests and time to help students reach their full potential. By giving freely of their time, volunteers also send students the message that they matter, and that their future is bright. 

Not all volunteers need to be able to come to school during school hours.  Volunteer time is needed both during the school day and evenings. There are many things volunteers can do in the evenings, or from home or their workplace to contribute to a school.

Whether you are a Parent/Guardian or a Community Volunteer, if you have time to offer and a desire to make a difference, please take a moment to complete our "on-line application" form. We have a myriad of opportunities for students at Murray Middle School and we count on, and value, your volunteer support. 

Questions? Need more information? Please contact Stefanie Folkema, Parent Involvement Coordinator, 651-744-3922.

Thank You for your interest in bringing brighter futures to the students of Murray Middle School.