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April 13, 2021 Update

April 13, 2021


Dear Murray families,


We at Murray Middle School are heartbroken at the tragic death of Daunte Wright at the hands of a police officer in Brooklyn Center this weekend. A 20-year-old young man, a brother, a son and father is gone. The repetitive cycle of traumatic events, especially when it happens so close to home, is exhausting and has a lasting impact on our community.


I want our community to know that we at Murray are here to support in any way that we can as we welcome our students back to In-Person Learning.


The death of another Black man in our community is traumatic and will understandably cause a variety of emotions and feelings, including sadness, hopelessness, anger, loss and pain.


To navigate this loss while still living through the trauma of the murder of George Floyd is a heavy burden to hold for all of us, especially for our students. We are always here to support, care for, and stand next to our students and our community.


Our counselors, social workers and school staff are ready and willing to engage and support as we navigate these horrible events. Our team can provide in-person support, phone support, virtual support or provide access to community resources.


If you feel that you or your child is in need of specific support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of counselors, social workers and administration. Our contact information is listed below and our team can also be reached at Murray via phone. (651-293-8740)


Here is a link to some resources to support you when talking with your child as our community processes this event, while experiencing the trauma of the Derek Chauvin trial.


Sincerely, (Your Co-Pilot)


Jamin McKenzie

Principal, Murray Middle School


Reminders for In-Person Learning - 

In-Person Learning begins tomorrow, April 14th. All students should report to their Period 1 (B day) class right away in the morning.  Room numbers are accurate in Campus for reference.  Please disregard the schedule times that are listed in Campus as those are reflective of a traditional school day of which we have not had this year.  Please reference the schedules below for the correct times, days and periods.


Schedules - 

On-Site and Virtual Learning schedules


Video Tutorial -


(Review) Student Health Guidance and COVID Testing - 

Due to the ongoing COVID19 Pandemic, please do not send your student to school if they have any symptoms of illness.  Students who come to school ill will be seen in the Health Office and the family will be contacted to pick up the student from school as soon as possible.  Students that are ill will NOT be able to ride the bus home.

Please ensure that your contact information, especially phone numbers, are up to date with our front office clerk.  Ms. Adriana Cruz-Trevino, our front office clerk, can be reached at 651-293-8740.

We appreciate your help in keeping our students and staff safe at school.




SPPS ONE STOP for various needs and solutions - 

Murray website - 

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Counselor (Schedule questions) - Lisa Engelstad (

Counselor (Schedule questions) - Natalie Swiler (

Social Worker (Special Education Questions) - Pam Lombardi (

Social Worker (Special Education Questions) - Jessie Phillips (

Social Worker (General Education Questions) - Cori Boehm-Peterson (

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