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Murray Athletic Update

Welcome to Murray Middle School Athletics.


The coaches and I are proud and excited to welcome you to Murray’s very successful sports programs.  We offer many opportunities for students to participate. 

Boys Sports 
Soccer (Fall)
Basketball (Winter)
Baseball (Spring)
Track and Field (Spring)

Girls Sports
Soccer (Fall)
Volleyball (Fall)
Basketball (Winter)
Badminton (Spring)
Softball (Spring)
Track and Field (Spring)

Flag Football (Fall)
Wrestling (Winter)

Practice for all fall sports teams begins on Monday, September 19th.  Practice runs from 3:15 - 4:45.  Flag football and soccer athletes should be picked up at the field - Flag Football - 2485 Como Ave, Soccer - 1440 N Brompton.  Murray coaches will be posting practice schedules once the teams are formed.  

Murray Middle has a no-cut policy and maintains both A and B-teams.  A-teams play the schedule currently posted on the district site.  B-team games will be scheduled once all schools know the number of participants.  At that point, a B team competition schedule is developed and communicated to families.  All flag football B games will be played prior to the A games.  

In order for student athletes to participate in any SPPS sports team, a sport’s physical must be on file with the Murray School Nurse, Diana Dishop.  Students must also meet academic eligibility to play sports in any SPPS program. Student athletes at Murray are students first.  In order to play sports at Murray, students must pass classes.  Players lose eligibility once they have failed two classes at any point in the school year.  A student failing two classes in the fall quarter cannot play the rest of the school year.  This is a district policy. It is important for all students to start the year strong academically and continue all year long. 

Athletics should be a positive aspect in every student’s school experience.  Both coaches and parents help make that happen by helping our players understand that participation is meant to be positive, fun, and a great growth experience.

Please call Murray at 651-293-8740 with questions.


Marshall Little
Murray Middle School Athletic Director