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Thursday, January 5th - E-Learning Day

Dear Murray Families,

Today, January 5, 2023, is a remote learning day; a school day where a school offers full access to online instruction provided by students' individual teachers due to inclement weather. Online instruction is held during normal school hours, 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM (see schedule below).  

Your student will receive instructions from their teachers and assignments via their iPad/Schoology. Listed below are the times when students should plan to be online for Google Meets. The rest of their work can take place on their own schedule. Teachers will be available throughout the day per the schedule below. Your student’s attendance will be based on their participation in these online learning activities.  

Students will be able to access each Google Meet by using a “nickname” within the app.  The nickname code is their teacher’s last name + officehours (ie. Ms. Crowley’s code would be crowleyofficehours). Google Meets nicknames can also be found on teacher Schoology pages.


It is critical that your student log on and be present at the regular start to our school day. Students will need to check into each of their classes to be marked present for attendance. Classes will run in order and last 20 minutes. There will also be a chunk of office hours available for students to check in to for additional support. All asynchronous work and instructions will be located on the Schoology page of your student’s teacher.

Please note: students in Mr. Kareem and Mr. Lee's classes will be required to submit an assignment through Schoology today. The assignment must be submitted today to be counted as 'present' in their classes.


Special Education teachers and service providers will provide services as determined by students’ IEP.

If students/families are having a difficult time accessing a Google Meet to start the day they can enter the Google Meet code MurrayELD. (MurrayELD room available from 8:30AM-10:30AM)

Your Co-Pilot,

Jamin McKenze, Principal

Murray Middle School