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OWL State History Day Qualifiers

Many OWL students competed at Regional History Day at Johnson HS on March 18th.  Congratulations to every student on your hard work and perseverance to create your best project.  No matter the result, the knowledge you gained has enhanced your growth as a student and educated all who saw your project. You all made us proud! At the event, ten OWL projects earned honorable mentions, and 19 projects qualified for State History Day on April 29th at the U of M. 



Junior Individual Exhibit

Liam Seath                                                      Hormel P9 Strike 


Junior Group Exhibit

Stian Asper & Jalen Bolton-Steiner                 William Wilberforce

Junior Individual Documentary

Helena Squire-Mosher                                     Loving v. Virginia


Junior Group Documentary

Elsa Carlson, Zoe Campion &                          Temple Grandin

Maddie Simon


Isabella Schmitz & Frankie Buettner                Raisin in the Sun


Junior Group Performance

Cameron Christopherson, Liv Foust &              Boston Tea Party

Ian Gordon  

Junior Individual Website

Isabella Graziani                                                Francis Perkins


Lily Hennessee                                                   Feminine Mystique


Junior Group Website

Freya Ebbesen & Leo Dungan-Seaver             Willmar 8


Oskar Holm, Skyler Van Guilder                       Dakota War of 1862

Max Schibel  


McG McGeveran & John Anderson                 Haitian Revolution


Aiko Mattie & Emma McCarthy                       Lise Meitner


Senior Individual Exhibit

Siena Leone-Getten                                        Peace in Northern Ireland


Senior Group Exhibit

Grace and Sovigne Gardner                            The Pankhurst Sisters


Patrick Verner & Simon Dungan-Seaver        My Lai Massacre


Senior Group Documentary

Sam Dale-Gau, Eli Sage-Martinson &            Opium Wars

Theo Sage-Martinson  


 Senior Group Performance

Grace and Same Kellar-Long                          Jane Jacobs


Junior Paper

Liam Hutchinson                                              Standing Bear v. Crook


Senior Paper

Fiona Shyne                                                      Set Theory


Honorable Mention

Junior Individual Exhibit

Mira Silverthorn                                             John Muir


Junior Group Exhibit

Paloma Leone-Getten & Nora Verner              Boston Tea Party

Sofia Maldonado & Orathai Hang                   MWSA


Junior Individual Documentary

Iris Carroll                                                        WASPs


Junior Group Documentary

Liliana Hobday & Mae Wrigley                       MPLS Teachers Strike


Junior Individual Performance

Anabel Weiland                                               White Rose Society

Connor Carlson                                                Stonewall Riots


Junior Group Performance

Lucy Gronau & Ellison Northrop-Kiel              Title IX


Junior Individual Website

Hazel Carroll                                                    Fredrika Bremer

Claire Horsman                                                Francis Densmore