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OWL Staff Video Parody of Avengers: Infinity War Highlights EL Design Principles

Each month at the OWL Community Meeting, we highlight an EL Design Principle as the theme of the meeting. This year, we began to create short videos interviewing students and staff about what each design principle means to them.  Very quickly, the responses of two staff members became crowd favorites.  Special Education teacher Jeff Steiner and Social Studies teacher Luke Turvold developed a funny rapport, with Jeff's clueless explanations of the design principle being patiently explained by the better informed Luke.

For the final Community Meeting of the year, Jeff and Luke took this idea and expanded it into a parody loosely based on the movie Avengers: infinity War.  Filmed by students Molly Yang and Jacob Steiner and edited by Math teacher Damon Liberatore, here is the complete film, with cameos of most of the OWL Staff.